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Monday, 29 September 2008

Plentiful Planting Party

On a chilly, overcast Spring morning around 30 people joined together to create a new vegetable garden at Marlborough Vintners Hotel. What started as a pile of sleepers and bare lawn, is now a promising vegetable garden.

The morning began with an introduction and thank you to the people who donated time, expertise or skill to the project. Sean & Lisa from Seresin Estate for their expert knowledge of biodynamics and help with the planning of the garden and Seresin Estate for their loan of tractor and tools; Marcia Chang-Hong for her donation of plants and Allan Thomas (from REAP, rural education activities programme) for coming along on the day to be our on-site gardening guru!

We were privileged to have Karen & Boyd Turner from Wairau Worms and their many tiger worms on site as added attraction and the group found the interactive worm farm area of great educational benefit.

The group proceeded to plant the main vegetable garden, transplant herbs from the existing garden to new wine barrels and also plant seeds for raising in trays, ready for the next planting.

A wonderful lunch with spring lamb and salads followed with much laughter, interesting discussion and new friendships being formed, the perfect end to a plentiful planting day!

Thanks to the many hands who helped bring this project to life, the new seedlings are enjoying their new home and we welcome people to pop in and check in on their progress as they develop and grow!

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